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Hi, Just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you! You helped me out at last minute and EVERY SINGLE SUPPORTING ARTIST you sent was awesome! So thank you for helping me at such sort notice! I've now got a few days to breathe and catch up up paper work to make sure all I's are dotted etc, so I'll be in touch prob Tuesday to go thru all the paperwork so it's all covered as it was mental and I want to make sure its all sorted correctly (and probably beg you for more as we have a few needed in the coming weeks...) But till then- THANK YOU and ALL your staff!!
Merv Lewis, 2018

Hi there, We were so thrilled today to see our son, Joshua, used so much to launch some new designs for Splash About. We spotted him in an email, on their website and on Facebook. We are super proud. He really did have a fun morning. Thank you so much Eurokids and Splash About.
Joshua, 2019

Elliott really enjoyed his photoshoot. We were returning to update his profile and once again we were made to feel relaxed and happy. Time and effort was given to Elliott to make sure he was always happy. Elliott looks forward to more work, asking everyday if he’s doing something! We left with additional photos as I couldn’t not take them home! beautiful photos.
Elliot, 2018

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