1996 is where our story begins… having been in the child modelling industry, Debbie Ikin recognised the potential to create a friendly, approachable and trustworthy agency where her models & artists came first. So, putting pen to paper (No Computer back then!) EuroKids was created and Debbie’s hard work drove EuroKids to become the go to Agency in the Industry after just 3 years.

 1999 EuroKids was thriving and the constant increasing demand from her clients for adults led to Debbie opening a new division “EKA”, which expanded our client base internationally.   

2011 growing the team the Agency moved to purpose built photographic studios & offices where their committed approach brings a level of passion and a deep connection with every client & artist that is unrivalled.

 2018 Debbie is now heading a team of 18 experienced and highly loyal agents & bookers who are known for their dedicated, tireless, and loyal service to EuroKids and EKA.

2019 EuroKids have launched the new EKA logo and new videos to help our EKA Models & Artists

 Today we are grateful to all the wonderful and beautiful people that have made us a success story.


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Our agency is an exciting and rewarding place to be, come and join the EuroKids & EKA family!



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