Hello Rachel, I would like to say a massive thank you to all the staff who accommodated us last night for Jodie’s photo shoot. Due to bad traffic, we arrived extremely late for our appointment but we were still made to feel welcome and staff went out of their way to fit us in. Jodie is happy with all of her pictures and is struggling to choose which ones to have on her profile. Please could you send the list of requirements to help with her selection. Kind regards Clare

Jodie, 2020

Just finished finished filming for The -------- had a great day loved my costume.

Penny, 2020

Hi everyone!! I hope you’ve all thawed out and have had a lovely relaxing weekend in the warm and dry! On behalf of the Irregulars, I just wanted to send you a little message to say thank you for powering through with us this week. Sorry for the impersonal mass email but I didn’t know how else to get in touch ... I just wanted you to know how much we all appreciate and enjoy you guys joining us. You play such a massively important part in making our world come to life. The set is undoubtedly amazing but without you guys we would be walking in empty, soulless streets! This week has been so tough with the horrible weather and long hours but you’ve been nothing but enthusiastic, patient, positive and willing to get stuck in. You’re troopers! Thank you for being so lovely to work with and for all the little chats between takes, what’s the point if you’re not having fun eh? See you next time!

Kate, 2020

Thanks @ekaeurokidsagency for Oliver's first job for Aldi. He was such a star at the shoot! Really chuffed. More to follow hopefully!

Oliver, 2019

Lily in deep water next to Anna Friel amazing!! Thanks Eka for another amazing experience xx

Lily, 2019

Good Morning, SPOTTED!! Grace was so excited seeing her pictures on the Findel Education website this morning. It was a great shoot!

Grace, 2019

To whom it may concern, Willow was very chuffed to see pictures of herself on amazon. Thank you to everyone at Galt and also EKA xx

Willow, 2019

Spotted myself in Ackley Bridge the other week! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to film! Emily

Emily, 2019

Just want to say a big thank you to the team of EKA I have really enjoyed last week filming and today’s filming thank you so much can’t wait till the next one Dean

Dean, 2019

Hi Rachel, I just wanted to say thanks for the giving Keira the opportunity to appear on TV. This was the first time she’s ever done anything like this & she absolutely loved the experience. She was made to feel so welcome from everyone there & was well looked after by the chaperones. Thanks again, Nicky & Keira x

Keira, 2019

Just wanted to let you know how happy Maisie is to be filming today and next week , she’s gutted it’s coming to an end but fingers crossed she can go back next year! The chaperones and the rest of the team have been so good and Maisie has been looked after really well, Also thanks to Rachel for all the hard work she does securing dates and keeping me informed xx

Maisie, 2019

Just had to say that those of you who know what I've gone through in the last few weeks, the filming I've just done was a breath of fresh air to my soul. My new found friends and colleagues helped me more than they can ever know, and saying "thank you" seems inadequate. However, the person I must also thank is my casting agent Rachel who has made this all possible. Thank you chuck for the dreams realised xx

Michael Masterson, 2019

Hi Rachel just to say I had an amazing day yesterday.. Many thanks for all the work you have given me, also to say EKA give very good information.. and I’m proud to be part of such a good agency.. I apologise again for not being able to attend the last one it was a great shame but yesterday made up for that.. Teresa x

Teresa, 2019

Madeline has really enjoyed working with the BBC on the Worst Witch, everyone including hair & make up, the cast, crewe, caterers and security were all really welcoming and she had an amazing time, making many new friends along the way. I am particularly thankful to the wonderful chaperones who took really good care of her. Please pass on my thanks to them and everyone involved including you and the EKA team who work tirelessly to secure this work for our children, helping them to gain valuable experience and be a part of something really special. Keep up the fab work! Kind regards

Madeline, 2019

Hi Rachel and Sally, Today is our final day on the 4 O’Clock Club, I just want to say a massive thank you to you and your team for helping us throughout Series 9. The kids have all been great and hope they enjoyed being here. Thanks so much, Sarah x

The 4 O'Clock Club, 2019

Hey Guys, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for everything on ’The A Word’. It’s been very busy shoot but we’ve shot it all and everyone is happy with what we have achieved. Take it easy and see you on the next one. x

The A Word, 2019

I just want to say a big thank you to EKA. I only joined a few months ago and I have been quite busy with alot of SA work, on Worst Witch, Class Dismissed, Get Even and 4 o'clock Club. I have made a lot of new friends and found the film crew very nice and welcoming. Also, I'd like to give a special mention the chaperones who helped me settle in. They are Paul and Jane at Worst Witch, Debs from Class Dismissed and Dave, Gail and Veronica from Get Even. I look forward to more jobs and opportunities in the future. Bethany x

Bethany, 2019

Hi Sally, I just wanted to say it was an absolute pleasure working with Ella, Jimi and William yesterday. They all performed very well especially as it was so hot and the sun was blinding, the shots are great and I will send them over once I get access to them. I have to say Ella was AMAZING....We are really really happy to work with her again and I am going to pass her details onto the fashion team too in the hope they will use her. She took direction so well and was such a pleasure to work with. She is a very happy, patient little girl. You have been amazing also with getting all the children booked for me, especially after such short notice as THANK YOU soooo much xxxx

Studio, 2019

It was lovely to meet you this week and an absolute pleasure to work with Ashton - what a fantastic young man.

Regatta, 2019

Hey ladies, I just wanted to thank you both for all of the amazing jobs you’ve got for me this year. Hope you’re both well and fingers crossed for lots more! Lots of love Victoria xxx

Victoria, 2019

Many thanks for the welcome pack Laura. Caitlyn has absolutely loved today, thank you to you all for making her feel so welcome. She hasn’t stopped smiling since we left. Had to send you this 😍

Caitlyn, 2019

Please find attached PO for Charlie for today. He was great by the way, really pleasant and took direction very well, thank you Kind regards Charlie x

Charlie, Studio, 2019

I just wanted to message to say thank you to the ladies that looked after us yesterday in the studio, they were so lovely. Eden and Freya really enjoyed updating their images for their portfolios and can't believe the amount of images they got in such a short space of time!

Eden & Freya, 2019

Hi Rachel What an amazing week with The A Word and 4 o’clock club. Anything for next week please keep me posted. Thank you for all your hard work for me. Tammy xx

Tammy, 2019

Hi Rachel I just wanted to email to say what a lovely time Jack has had filming for this. It was his first job as an SA and although the days were long and sadly he didn’t get to film yesterday, he’s had a great time. He’s thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it gave him the opportunity to make new friends and I believe that it has helped to boost his confidence too. I also wanted to say what a good job the chaperones did. Jack told me that he was constantly given snacks, suncream, protection from the sun and generally, was well looked after. His words were that he felt like a celebrity! I was very apprehensive about leaving him but to know that he was in safe hands made me feel so much better. I hope that Jack is lucky enough to experience this again some time. Thank you Emma

Jack, 2019

Perfect, so nice working with you Rachel. You make my life easy with stuff like this. I hope EKA know how lucky they are to have you. x Alex

Alex, 2nd AD, 2019

They were all so amazing… feel free to share the pictures with the models.

Salford Catwalk, 2019

Hi Rachel, Thank you so much for phoning me with Sophies feedback I'm delighted to hear she's done a good job for you. Here's a photo from the shoot for you to see.

Sophie, 2019

Bryony had loads of fun, she really enjoyed it and I could see her getting more and more confident as the day went on she made some lovely friends to. All of the girls had a great time. Thankyou so much for giving her this opportunity much appreciated.

Bryony, 2019

Heidi had the best time last night and made some lovely friends. She was very well looked after and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Thank you for the opportunity

Heidi, 2019

Hello Laura Yesterday was an amazing experience! Rose loved every minute! Thank you so much to you and your lovely team for the warm welcome and for looking after us so well. We really loved the location, and the outdoor shots with the lake and woodlands were just beautiful! We thought the studio was a lovely space to spend time in and the teas and coffees and refreshments were much appreciated! Tiff and Rae were really friendly, kind and helpful. All the others in the studio were also very welcoming and friendly. They all helped to make the photo shoot a very comfortable and relaxing experience! Thanks to all

Rose, 2019

Hello! My team have requested that I send you some praise for Ruby F, she has been great today and they would love her to come back again and often Many thanks

The Worst Witch, 2019

Jaxon and Scarlett were an absolute joy to work with! They were so well behaved and played nicely together. The photos looked great and people couldn't speak highly enough of them 😊

Studio, 2019

Chanice had such an amazing time at the studio on her shoot day the staff from the minute we walked in till when we were leaving were so friendly and there to help in anyway, in chanices words when we left the studio was "mum I felt like a star being asked did I want a drink and having my dressing room". I was very happy with the whole day and have been pleased with the process thank you so much eka

Chanice, 2019

Hi there, We were so thrilled today to see our son, Joshua, used so much to launch some new designs for Splash About. We spotted him in an email, on their website and on Facebook. We are super proud. He really did have a fun morning. Thank you so much Eurokids and Splash About.

Joshua, 2019

We have just been watching the new series of Victoria and we’ve just spotted Elliott. He absolutely loved being on set and all the crew were fantastic with the children. This was his first time filming and we hope it’s not the last! Well done Elliott. Thank you so much EKA for this amazing opportunity for Elliott.

Elliot, 2019

We saw Jamie in the Forest Holiday TV commercial last night, it was on ITV she was so excited to watch it again this morning. Thank you for the opportunity, Jamie had such a fantastic day filming, the crew were all amazing with her and Mark the director told Jamie great she was and so easy to work with. Here’s a link to the commercial

Jamie, 2019

Also, just to let you know, l Joshua had his first job last week with Splash About and it was absolutely brilliant! The staff was so lovely and it was such a relaxed atmosphere. Joshua absolutely loved it and had so much fun. He was a little star (not that I’m biased!). Can’t wait to see the photos. Thanks so much for putting him forward for this job.

Joshua, 2019

This picture is so cute. Just wanted to Thank you for helping getting Ella this job. She LOVED it!!! Also please on my thanks to Angela and Mike, they are lovely people. Ella said Angela’s voice is awesome and has been practising the Scottish accent since we left! Hope Ella did them proud 😊

Ella, 2018

Sally /Rachel. I just wanted to pass on my thanks to Eurokids for giving Ewan the opportunity to take part in the Judge Rinder filming. Ewan had a wonderful two days of filming, he loved every minute of it and he was so well looked after. He is so excited it's to see the finished story early in the new year. Kind regards,

Ewan, 2018

Hi, Just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you! You helped me out at last minute and EVERY SINGLE SUPPORTING ARTIST you sent was awesome! So thank you for helping me at such sort notice! I've now got a few days to breathe and catch up up paper work to make sure all I's are dotted etc, so I'll be in touch prob Tuesday to go thru all the paperwork so it's all covered as it was mental and I want to make sure its all sorted correctly (and probably beg you for more as we have a few needed in the coming weeks...) But till then- THANK YOU and ALL your staff!!

Merv Lewis, 2018

Hi, I have just spotted my daughter on the trailer for sometimes always never (triple word score) she's 1.29 into the clip at the bus stop wearing the beige coat. She had great time filming this, So exciting!! Thanks Eka Yvonne

Samantha Molland, 2018

Hi, I just want to say a massive thank you for the opportunity for Kenzie filming. It was an amazing experience for both him and myself. Everyone there was so friendly and make Kenzie feel so comfortable he had a lovely day, I was actually shocked at how much he enjoyed it. Thank you again

Kenzie-Clayton, Filming project, 2018

Elliott really enjoyed his photoshoot. We were returning to update his profile and once again we were made to feel relaxed and happy. Time and effort was given to Elliott to make sure he was always happy. Elliott looks forward to more work, asking everyday if he’s doing something! We left with additional photos as I couldn’t not take them home! beautiful photos.

Elliot, 2018

We always love our visits to the studio. Staff are always very professional, friendly and happy to help at any time. The photos that are taken are always of the highest quality and the photographer is very patient and helpful at all times.

Adam, 2018

Warm welcome & Friendly services at the studio or by telephone from teams member of staff.

Ellen, 2018

Eurokids is a fantastic agency. The staff are calm, polite and professional at all times. We felt welcomed from the minute we walked through the door. My daughters photographer worked really well with my 18 month old daughter despite her feeling a little under the weather (teething) and was able to stay in control. She had my daughter smiling in no time.

Eliza, 2018

Hi guys, I just want to say thanks for all of your help over the last few weeks. It’s been good working with you all and thanks for helping me out with the craziness of this show. A lot of it has been last minute ha ha. You have all bailed me out a few times so it has been much appreciated and I will be using you all again when I get my next gig. Take care of yourselves and thanks again. Jamie x

Victoria, 2018

Hi Sally Just to say thanks for the models which we used yesterday. The kids were amazing, and all got on so well. Alice did fab for her first shoot, Holly was brilliant and little Theo was absolutely fantastic, so adorable and took direction so well. He could be a top model! It was a long day,but not one of them complained, although they did get rest in between shoot scenarios. The few tears we did have was because one of them was getting dressed up in a waitress outfit ! But they all had a chance to get dressed up. Holly was a waitress, Theo was a chef and Alice was the gardener. Once again, many thanks. Oh, the adults were lovely too, so were the model mums and dad. They also paid us a nice compliment as said we were all good to work with and we cared about the children! Kind regards Jayne

Play like Mum, 2018

Hi Rachel Aimee and I would like to say thank you for putting her forward she had a great time filming yesterday. Also thanks for all your hard work and always putting her to clients we really appreciate everything you and the rest of the team do Thanks

Aimee, Ed Comms, 2018

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and the team at EKA for promoting Chloe so she had the opportunity to work on series 3 of the worst witch, she has absolutely loved every minute of it and was sad that yesterday was her last day on set (unless she is called back for edits) she has met and worked with some amazing people along the way and visited some lovely places. Thank you so much!!

Chloe, The Worst Witch, 2018

Hi Sally, I just wanted to put in writing how grateful we are for the opportunity for Thomas to film for the recent Aldi Ireland advert. Thomas has talked about it non-stop this week! He really enjoyed the time spent on set and we really appreciate how lovely everyone was with him from the director to the runners. Please could you let me know once you hear whether he has been selected for the final edit. Many Thanks once again for this fantastic opportunity Alex x

Thomas, Aldi, 2018

We had great feedback on Hallie & yesterday’s shoots from the client! She was a little superstar!

John Lewis, 2018

Just a note to thank Laura, Rae and Jade for looking after Eden and Freya today , they really enjoyed their time in the studio updating their photos. Kind regards , Anna Gray

Eden and Freya, 2018

Hi , Just wanted to thank you all today for being so nice and making Deacon feel at ease. He really enjoyed himself... fingers crossed he gets somewhere 😊🤞🤞The pics are fab !!!! Thanks to the photographer today she was fantastic with Deacon. Thanks again , Claire

Deacon, 2018

Hi Rachel, Just writing to say that everybody loved the kids yesterday, particularly the director!! xxx

Adele-Elizabeth, Crowd 2nd AD, 2018

Hi all, We just wanted to send an email across to thank you all for your help and commitment to Series 5. All of your children were a pleasure to work with and we hope they enjoyed the experience of filming with us. We’re now busy in the edit putting the episodes together and we hope everyone will enjoy watching the end result when it airs. A huge thank you once again!

Allie, CBBC, 2018

Hi Sally, I would like to say a massive great big thank you for everything that you have done preparing for Lily yesterday. She absolutely loved it. I have attached a couple of pictures of her and Bobbie chilling and having fun. Thank you again.

Lilly, HSL, 2018

Thank you SO MUCH for this week. For getting the children licensed so last minute and for all the changes, you’ve been amazing. Thank you again, Daisy xx

Daisy, Crowd 2nd AD

Just a quick email to let you know Molly Kim and I had a great time at the studio Saturday. The team were very accommodating and made us feel right at home, everyone we met were lovely - The photographer was a gent and helped us through the whole process and got some incredible photos of Molly.

Molly, 2018

Hi Sally, Thanks so much for all of your help in the last couple of weeks. Michael was really fantastic, and we hope he enjoyed filming with us!

Cbeebies, 2018

Hi Rachel, I am so glad the kids enjoyed working on the feature film! Ivo and his parents were an absolute pleasure to have around. I am going to take a couple of months off and then see what happens… I’m sure I’ll be in touch before long. I’ll make sure to carry on passing on your details as well. You have been a fantastic help all throughout this project! Many many thanks, and all the best! Speak soon again, Sandrine

Sandrine 2nd AD, Feature Film, 2018

I brought my daughter Raven for her updated photos and joked with Katie about some adverts on Facebook about being a mommy model and bang here I am. I was fitted in for photos same day. Both myself and Raven had a fantastic time and you were all really friendly and helpful.

Julie & Raven, 2018

The main reason why I decided on EKA in the first place was because the staff were so friendly since the first day I contacted the agency! That's something I consider very important in this industry. I arrived 2 or more hours early and was absolutely content in waiting for my appointment... however, the friendly staff made sure I didn't have to wait the time and bunked up my shoot to an hour earlier! I was even offered drink and snacks, and the overall experience was made very comfortable for me; someone’s always ready to help out. Lovely people!

Asha, 2018

Hi Sally, The photo shoot went really successfully today. As with the previous shoot, Esme was extremely professional and she’s delivered great results for me. Harry did a really good job too. He is extremely photogenic and I think he can develop into a really good model , as his confidence and experience grows. Great results from him, he took on board all the suggestions and was very polite too. I hope he finds lots more work! Thanks, Carrie

Carrie, Rowlinson Knitwear

Our photographer [Natalie] went above ans beyond she was incredible.

Taylor, 2018

The staff are very friendly and professional, they put Hayden at ease and made the whole experience a pleasure. The photos they have taken are amazing and allowing his younger brother to join in a few, means we have some great family photos too.

Hayden, 2018

We have always enjoyed coming into the studio, all the team are so helpful and friendly and it makes the experience so enjoyable. My daughter looks forward to updating her portfolio as much as any casting.

Lilly, 2018

Just to say an ENORMOUS thank you to all of you for your patience and hard graft on this week’s back to school shoot. This has been something of a labour of love for everyone who has worked on it and everyone has done an incredible job despite ridiculously tight schedules. Looking forward to a good night’s sleep tonight thanks to you all! Zoe x

Zoe, 2018

My daughters appointment here was fantastic! They were so great with her and made the hour photo shoot a lot of fun! My daughter could not stop smiling for photographs!! X

Phoebe, 2018

Rae is a fab photographer she was really good with Mia-Rose and made her experience so fun!!

Mia-Rose, 2018

Staff members were brilliant with my little girl and made her feel welcome she loved every minute of her studio time could not of asked for better team members.

Harper-Mae, 2018

Always greeted by happy staff, very helpful & informative.Like a day out with my girls.We love the experience & atmosphere.The set up is lovely.

Marie, Caitin & Ciara, 2018

Can't fault anything, enjoyed the whole experience.

Mark, 2018

Having not attended a studio setting before I was a little apprehensive for my daughter. However, as soon as a member of staff introduced themselves to us we felt very relaxed. Lucy embraced the moment and thoroughly enjoyed her time in the studio, to the point she said “it was the best day ever”. Thanks to the staff at EKA for the friendly, warm welcome you gave us.

Lucy, 2018

Thank you Roxanne, Rae, Tiff and the rest of the lovely team we met today at Nat's photo shoot. He had a great time and so did I. We look forward to choosing the 10 profile photos for his profile/portfolio (although it will be difficult out of the 102 taken and purchased haha!) We will also update Nats profile for waist, leg, height etc and submit that asap. Thanks again for a wonderful experience, look forward to hopefully receiving some work too!

Nat, 2018

Hi, Aaron went for Jaguar Commercial at Oulton Park and he had a great time there. The director and the team are fantastic with him and all of us. What a pleasant experience to have ! Thank you EKA and especially Rachel who provided us with all important information we needed. Here is some pictures of him at work on the day x

Aaron, Jaguar, 2018

Dear all at Euro kids I just wanted to thank you all for all your hard work. Lily completed her photo shoot first job yesterday with Charlie Crow. Lily worked along side two other children called Evie and Ethan who were very polite and all the children enjoyed each others company. Charlie Crow staff were very welcoming to both children and adults. Lily was very happy when she saw that the Charlie company had provided the children with goodies. I have attached a photograph of Lily before the shoot very excited. Thank you again Rebecca

Lily, Charlie Crow, 2018

Upon arrival we were greeted with a smile and offered a hot drink as it was snowing outside. The staff were very friendly, we were shown to our fitting room and everything was explained. Shortly after we met our photographer Rae, she was amazing with Samuel and made him feel at ease. Rae soon had us all laughing and the atmosphere was very relaxed, we all enjoyed the photography experience and could not wait to see the pictures. We went through to the viewing room and we were shown the pictures, the quality was great and there were so many styles. We fell in love with them all and so purchased the lot to take home at a reasonable price, there were so many beautiful pictures we could not choose. Thank you for such an enjoyable experience for all, Samuel cannot wait to get started on his modelling journey.

Samuel, 2018

I just wanted to say that you are the BEST children's agency I have ever worked with. Such a huge array of options and having you send me the licences and all the details of the chaperones has been such a time saver, normally I'm chasing the parents or the council or production. You're clearly a very organised and slick company!! And the children have been fab!! Thanks so much Rachel! Ax

Adele, 2018

Thomas was put at ease, the girls were so welcoming and made him feel at home. They were very patient and understanding (He is a young child with Downs Syndrome) and were on hand to help with the photo shoot.

Thomas, 2018

Absolutely fantastic day. We didn’t want the day to end ! The staff were so friendly as always! A big big thank you to Laura who borrowed me her top. The staff go that extra mile! A fantastic atmosphere! The photographer Rae was lovely! A really brilliant day! Thank you!

Jolene & Tilly, 2018

Enjoyable time at EKA once again for Kaden’s 3rd photo shoot lovely friendly staff photos are excellent the photographer was amazing and patient with Kaden thank you

Kaden, 2018

Hi my daughter had the best time ever. They made her feel at ease as was very shy and nervous to start with and bought her out of her shell with been so nice and friendly.

Madison, 2018

Just want to say thank you for a very good service and will put all our work through you in the future.


Hi Sally Just to say the models. Rebecca, Finley and Elsie-Rae were brilliant yesterday. The babies were fantastic and did not cry or winge once! The mums were lovely too - and grandparents and think they all enjoyed the afternoon . We will send some shots over as soon as client has approved. The whole experience of using EuroKids has been exceptional and will be our default modelling agency from now on.

Jayne & Mark, 2018

I just wanted to say thank you to you all for Wednesdays shoot, its been really well received and just had this come through from the client. "Sorry for the delay in this email (we were snowed in yesterday) but just want to say a HUGE thank you for Wednesday. Despite the arctic conditions yourselves and the crew put in an amazing effort and I’m confident it will all look excellent."

Paragon Pictures, 2018

Very Pleased with my photos and had good advice about how to be in the correct stance for my photos thank very much.

Harrison, 2018

Very Pleased with my photos and had good advice about how to be in the correct stance for my photos thank very much.

Keiron, 2018

Incredibly patient and understanding of my hyperactive 4 year old.

Lewis, 2018

Bethany loves coming to the studio for updates. The girls are all lovely and very professional and the pictures are amazing!!

Bethany, 2018

Lovely studio with really lovely people, very friendly and helpful which is why I have continued working with you for the past 10 years and why I will continue with you for the rest of my acting career.

Ellie, 2018

Hi Sally We just had Aveah in and she was a little superstar, very cute, natural and took direction really well, we just took a shot of her and height to pass on to fashion in case they need anyone her size.

Studio 24, 2018

Hi Sally Just had Ashton in apparently it was his first job. Just wanted to let you know he was fab took direction and so smiley. Brill Thank you Charlie

Studio 24, 2018

Hi Sally, please can you pass on my thanks to both the models, especially Joanna. Nothing seemed like too much trouble for her and she didn’t complain once, even when she was required to lie on a cold path in the park and was covered in fake blood  We were all really impressed and appreciate her hard work and I hope she hasn’t ended up with a cold!

Red Cross, 2018

My photographer was great at suggesting poses, made me feel at ease and took some great shots. Gemma, the image consultant was extremely knowledgeable about the whole process of image selection and getting work through EKA. They are both a credit to your team.

Rele, 2018

Just wanted to send you the link that Imaani did for co op travel insurance she enjoyed the shoot and Ben Fogle was very friendly and everyone on the shoot made us feel welcome..thank you :)

Imaani, Co-op, 2018

A big thank you for my little boys photo shoot, he was teething at his 1st one and wasn't happy but 2nd time he came round i'm made up with the photos he looks amazing in them very kind staff & lovely day xx

Joey, 2018

Very good, loved every second. The workers are so nice and helped me every step of the way

Shannon, 2018

Staff were lovely, made Jacob comfortable and happy whilst photos being taken

Jacob, 2018

Aimee thoroughly enjoyed her photoshoot. She was made to feel relaxed and at ease as always when we attend the studio. Everyone is really friendly and looked after us from start to finish. Thank you.

Aimee, 2018

It was the BEST day ever! Emily had wanted to do a photo shoot for a long time and on the way home she said her dream had come true !!! Thank you xxx

Emily, 2018

Sienna spotted herself on these dolls prams in B&M at the weekend! Thanks for the opportunity EKA! :)

Sienna, B&M, 2018

Hi everyone, I have just spotted Elliott Roe in the studio catalogue. He absolutely enjoyed his time here again. The studio staff are fantastic with the children and he is always asking when is he going back! Thank you for getting him these roles. Many thanks

Elliott, Studio 24, 2018

Lucas driving the campervan on his modelling job for Hope education from the summer holidays. He really enjoyed this shoot as they spent most of the time just playing while they did the shoot.

Lucas, Hope Education, 2018

Hi, I Found Caleb in the booklet for Aldi, so proud of him and how he behaved for his first photo shoot. Thank you.

Caleb, Aldi, 2018

A fabulous warm welcome to the studio as always! The EKA girls are extremely friendly & my daughter looks forward to her photoshoot year after year. This will be our eighth year running with EKA. Thank you all! Your doing an amazing job! 💖

Luisa, 2018

I thoroughly enjoy it every year.

Anthony, 2018

After our first shoot being a bit of a fail with a very poorly baby it was so lovely to be invited back free of charge to try again! the staff never make you feel like your child is being a pain in the bum! second time round he was a dream, the photographer was so patient with him and we have come home with some amazing photographs we will cherish forever! thank you so much EKA!!!

Harley, 2018

Made to feel so relaxed and at ease.

Freya, 2018

All the staff are lovely and chloe feels at home everytime she goes for her photoshoot.

Chloe, 2018

The girls in the studio couldn’t have been more helpful they made us and our son very relaxed, they even let us have a look around the studio with him before we started to make him feel at ease which I think helped a lot.

Reuben, 2018

I was impressed that they remembered all about me from the previous shoot. It made me feel welcome.

Paul, 2018

Always a very enjoyable experience at EKA

Ben, 2018

Connie loved her photoshoot. She had a great time and was looked after so well.

Connie, 2017

Calm and a well organised atmosphere. My children and I felt at ease, with the reassuring staff members.

Alishan and Izra, 2017

The most loveliest staff and the studio was amazing, I had the best day!

Chloe, 2017

Fantastic day at goodfellas! Thankyou so much the kids had a ball! The crew really made sure the kids had a good time! They were fabulous! Thanks again!

McQueen family, Goodfellas, 2017

Lovely to meet with you on Friday, and please pass on our extended thanks to Rayner, Tiff and Gemma who were all lovely! We are soooo pleased with Amba's photos and how well they have turned out especially as it was her first time in front of the camera! She is so excited and looking forward (hopefully) to work in the New Year.

Amba, 2017

Hi Sally, Just a quick email to say how happy we were with Seth yesterday. He was very energetic and always had a smile on his face despite the weather! For his first photo shoot he was a an absolute pleasure to work with and really warmed up (despite the cold), we’re sure he’ll continue to do well in the future. Please pass on our thanks for his hard work yesterday to both him and Ruth. Hopefully Blacks and EKA can work together again. I will get in touch regarding any future campaigns. Many thanks for all of your help!

Blacks, 2017

Hi Sally, Just wanna say a massive thank you, best job I have ever been on, they surprised me, I thought I would be answering questions on the football team, and then I had to interview a football legend, it was surreal and so much fun, I was told I did a great job... so just wanted to say thank you.

Mohammed, Football Club, 2017

Hi Sally, Thanks so much for all the help on this job. Chloe was great! We are currently editing and will send over the final video when complete. All the best.

Manchester City, 2017

All the team were amazing, Matilda had a fab time and told everyone about it! Made her feel so special and confident.

Matilda, 2017

Good Afternoon, Just want to say huge thank you for putting our son Quincey forward for the Aldi job a few months ago! He's been spotted on their website and Christmas edition magazine 🎉 The team were great and the photographer was excellent with Q he really warmed to him and made him smile lots!

Quincey, 2017

I just came across Leon on the studio website and catalogue. I thought I would share. Leon does me proud every time. Thank you to you for all you do for him!

Leon, Studio, 2017

Ben had a great time yesterday on the set . He made loads of new friends and "had so much fun" He was with the chaperones from 9am until 7pm the filming went a little over time. Thanks and he is looking forward to more filming soon.

Ben, Tolkien, 2017

Good Morning, Really pleased last night to see Chloe-Marie on ITV's Victoria episode She loves what she does with you guys x Thanks Catherine x

Chloe, Victoria 2, 2017

Hope you all enjoy it and please pass on to Bejamin. Benjamin is a star .

Topps Tiles, 2017

Hi Erin, Sally, I’d just like to thank you for your help with the model bookings for yesterday’s shoot (considering the short notice!)… The children were excellent and performed brilliantly all day long. We are very pleased with the way the shoot went and we’re now looking forward to getting the images into post production and finished for use. I’ll send you a selection when they’re done. Many thanks again and kind regards, A

Silver Cross, 2017

Frankie is really enjoying the experiences, thank you for the opportunities.

Francesca, Studio 24, 2017

Hiya Yet again myself & cerys love the photos again from her renewal photoshoot. Thank you so much for the opportunities & work she has had in just the 1 year she has been with yourselves, looking forward to seeing what the next year brings. Once again thanks to everyone at EKA

Cerys, Victoria, The Worst Witch, The 4 OCC, 2017

Very friendly and helpfull made us feel very welcome and at ease especially with an 11 month old.

Florence, 2017

Fab shoot photographer was really great with Skyla.

Skyla, 2017

Everything was first class as always.

Niamh, 2017

Fantastic staff in fact fantastic company couldn’t do anymore to help you.

Tegan, 2017

Cracking time with the girls!

James, 2017

What a brilliant service, I can not thank you enough for making my experience with you so fantastic. You highly qualified staff made it very easy to make decisions and to progress forward with everything. I love my photographs and I am booking a family shoot in with you because you know how to get the best out of each picture. Many Thanks and looking forward to returning.

Vicky, 2017

Great staff and lovely studio.

Isla, 2017

Everything was great! Would recommend

Aveen, 2017

Hay Jodie  OMG – Elbel LOVED every minute of it. Elbel got on fanatically with all the staff / director / producers etc. I had a text of Si and one of the other girls to say thank you and how well she did. I hope you have had good feedback (if any). Some Pictures attached  So yes the whole experience was awesome and elbel was bouncing !!! 

Ella, Foster Film, 2017

Hi Sally, Thank you very much for this, I was off yesterday so couldn’t reply to you then. Just wanted to say that Isla W was an absolute STAR and I can highly recommend her! Thanks again

Isla, Studio 24, 2017

Perfect day for my little girl, she loved every minute and the staff were amazing with her! Can't wait for our next shoot!

Lottie, 2017

An amazing atmosphere, everyone was friendly and made Joey feel at ease straight away.

Joey, 2017

Hi Rachel, Just a quick message to say thank you for giving Danielle and Jessica the opportunity to take part in The worst Witch and 4 O'clock club. They have loved every minute of it and can't wait to be involved in more filming work. I have seen a big difference in their confidence and they have made lots of friends too. The chaperones have really looked after them and made them feel welcome. Thanks again

Danielle & Jessica, The Worst Witch & The 4OCC, 2017

Just wanted to drop a quick line to say thank you again to the ladies who looked after Eden and Freya while we were in yesterday for their renewal photo shoot they had so much fun and they loved looking through all the photos afterwards.

Eden & Freya, 2017

We had a wonderful experience and was taken care of from the second we arrived through the door up to leaving. Great, friendly and very professional staff. Thank you all for your help and advice ;-)

Scarlett Louise, 2017

My little girl was such a madam at staying still and the photographer still managed to get absolutely beautiful pictures extremely happy with your service.

Shayleigh-Rose Barrett, 2017

Hey Sally, the girls had a fab day yesterday you and Rae where amazing with them 😘

Jessica, 2017

Hi Rachel, Molly mentioned yesterday that worst witch is coming to an end Tuesday so id just like to thank you for giving Molly the opportunity to be involved in it. She's loved every minute and yesterday even worked with Amanda Holden so it topped it off nicely. Thanks once again.

Molly, The Worst Witch, 2017

Thank you to Danny and Gina for another great shoot for JD Sports!

Rio, JD Sports, 2017

Renesmee had another photoshoot for Character options today & they gave me the box for the teletubby she modelled with them last time. After doing some research she is on numerous websites such as Amazon, Argos, Smyths & the Charcter online to name a few. She had another great day today!

Renesmee, 2017

Mia-Rose is now on the splash about website she enjoyed the beach shoot thank you so much 😁

Mia-Rose, Splash About, 2017

Thank you very much for finding and putting her forward for the work she's been doing over the last few weeks on Worst Witch, Four O'Clock Club and Victoria. She's really enjoying it and we are very grateful for your efforts.

Esme, The Worst Witch, The 4OCC, Victoria, 2017

I wanted to say a massive thank you to you, Gene and his mum for the work and involvement in our latest TVC. It was a great shoot!

The Gate, 2017

Just wanted to send a message to thank you and Flix for giving Hayden the opportunity to be part of the voiceover for Mamadou in "Simon". We have all enjoyed watching the programme and listening out for Hayden's Yorkshire accent. Thanks again

Hayden, Simon, 2017

Good morning all, We see Aaron's Tesco photoshoot today on Tesco direct how exciting! He took the pictures to show headmistress, everyone at school so proud of him. Thank you for all of you support.

Aaron, Tesco, 2017

Thanks Sally for today. Cody loved it and had a blast at the seaside.

Cody, Splash About, 2017

Thank you so much Sally, Leyla was absolute fantastic as were all the other kids we photographed & a pleasure to work with - we would be happy to have them back at the studio again All the kids were great & we wouldn't hesitate to book with you again.

Raw, 2017

Good morning Sally Well first I want to say what a fantastic morning Leyla had on her shoot. Kate and Gary are a credit to Raw Studios, they made Leyla feel at ease as soon as she walked through the door. Their bond with her and they way they made her laugh and enjoy her experience was second to none. She had to model 18 pairs of pajamas and she soared through them all with the help and encouragement of Kate and Gary! Fantastic morning, fantastic people. Also made me and my husband more than welcome. Lovely couple X Thanks for giving Leyla this opportunity EKA!

Leyla, Pajama Factory, 2017

Cerys really enjoyed it and I was given really nice feedback when I collected her last night, cerys also said the director was really nice to them both and even told them why he had chosen them. Thanks to everyone from myself and Cerys.

Cerys, The 4 OCC, 2017

Because I don't say it enough! We all had so much fun at the renewal shoot today. Laura was fabulous as always and the lady who showed us the images made me want to buy them all.

Melodie, 2017

Mia had a fab morning doing a photo shoot for the pyjama factory, they even let her keep her favourite pjs!!

Mia, PJ Factory, 2017

The girls really enjoyed their first shoot together this afternoon. Dannii-Mae did amazing at her first shoot!! They even got a freebie each to take home along with coloured hair!! x

Dannii-Mae and Hallie, Galt Toys, 2017

Well the last day on Cold Feet Series 7 is finally here!! It's been a long long shoot with many ups and downs, last minute urgent requests, but much hilarity and friendship. Thank you all SO MUCH for an immense amount of hard work. It's all of you who contribute to making this show the great success that it is!! Together we've done it again and I'm so grateful for all your support. I feel very lucky to have you all out there, always ready to help me out. Believe me, I know how hard you work, and I really appreciate it. Many Thanks

Cold Feet, 2017

Good afternoon, I just wanted to put into writing how grateful we are for the opportunities Amelia has had over the last few weeks. She has filmed for worst witch, 4 o'clock club, Requiem and Peterloo. She has thoroughly enjoyed every single one (although 4occ remains the absolute favourite!) The one thing she always delights in is how many friends she makes. It's so lovely that she is doing something she loves and making new friends along the way. Many of which she has stayed in touch with. So I just wanted to say a huge thank you to both the staff at EKA and the other children she has worked with. Many Thanks

Amelia, 4OCC, Peterloo, 2017

My baby girl Neve had her pictures done on Monday of this week can I just give feedback the lady who took the images was so patient with her as she's a toddler running around I just wanted to say thank you she was great to work with and put me and my baby at ease.

Neve, 2017

Callum has loved today he was there for 7.30 am and wrapped at 4pm - Cal was 🎥 in a real mill - he said it felt like it was back in time!!!

Callum, Peterloo, 2017

Harry had a great couple of days filming this :)

Harry, Ratburger, 2017

Taylor had a great day and loved the whole experience, many thanks

Taylor, Peterloo, 2017

Just had Flynn, Laila and Marcel in…wanted to let you know they were all fantastic, thank you.

Studio 24, 2017

Hi Sally, Thanks so much for sorting them all so quickly for me, honestly saved me this week!! Mark my colleague who attended said everyone did a great job and client was really pleased too. Please pass on my thanks to the models for the help at such short notice! Many thanks, Nat x

Foundry Comms, 2017

A huge thank you to those child artists who participated in our debut photo shoot yesterday held at Paolo Loraso Photographers in Trentham. You all did a thoroughly good job and produced some excellent shots. You have certainly done our products justice. We are very much looking forward to publishing the results on our website in the coming days. Sending you our very best wishes for the future and heart-felt thanks once again.

All Shorts, 2017

Thanks Rachel. The kids have been great this week!

The 4 O'Clock Club, 2017

Cerys spotted herself and Jake in the shop window of Millets today whilst shopping in Warrington. This shoot was over 12 months ago so didn't expect to be in the window again this year Proud mum and happy daughter

Cerys, Millets, 2017

We had a brilliant day and I am really pleased with the results. It was a joy to work with all the models – I must comment on how professional they were, even the two tiny ones Every model was enthusiastic, was happy to take instructions on art direction and gave 100% effort to the day. In fact, they were all so energetic and I was really exhausted by the end of the day, which is how it should be after a shoot! 😊 Please would you do me a favour and pass on my sincere thanks to them all and their parents/ chaperones, who were all very lovely to be around, we got some great results from the day.

Rowlinson, 2017

Thank you for today it was awesome Really enjoyed the time spent Regards Dorothy

Dorothy, 2017

Georgia has been with Eurokids now for many many years and I don't know how you manage it but every time the images taken get better and better!!

Georgia Berry, 2017

Taken care of as soon as we walked through the door. The attention to detail from start to finish was very professional. The changing area for our daughter was set up perfectly. We will definitely be recommended.

Harvie-Grace Westhead

A very welcoming and lovely experience.

Daimen Jay Hodkinson, 2017

After feeling a little nervous at first all the staff and photographer put her at ease. Highly recommend this agency.

Grace Piper, 2017

Hi, I have just spotted Elliott in the Hope education catalogues! He loved every minute of this photoshoot. He can't wait for more jobs! Elliott is really made up seeing himself in a 'book'!!

Elliot Roe, Hope Education, 2017

What a fab day filming ! Cal was so excited to go back today 😀 Well I well and truly go my dream of a costume/ period drama.

Alisha and Callum Ford, Victoria 2, 2017

Heyyy. My son Reece had an amazing time working with creative concern for the foster campaign. He's been seen a lot recently as their campaign has gone live.

Reece, Fostering Campaign, 2017

Finally spotted Blake on the splash about website he really enjoyed it and all the team from splash about and the photographer were lovely! Thanks xxx

Blake, Splash About, 2017

J'nai was absolutely amazing to work with. For such a young actress her patience, ability to follow direction and day long smile made the shoot that much easier. We wish her all the best for the future.

Mocha tv 2017

Hey Sally, Thanks for sorting. He was great! Link to the video here;

Radio City 2017

The whole experience is amazing and Leah always has a fab time when she comes to the studio.

Leah Hargraves, 2017

Can't fault any part of the service we received.

Summer Earle, 2017

Very Professional

Lucy Darwin, 2017

Rachel - Honestly, you are a joy to work with! Thanks for giving me hope! x Best wishes

Victoria 2017

I would be happy to sort you guys out with some golf and drinks too for being so fabulous in organising the models and making it such an easy process :) Best wishes

Junkyard Golf 2017

Morning ladies, Just to let you know Hanna is doing a wonderful job, she is so sweet and thoughtful - and has learnt her lines perfectly! She is so good at delivering with just the right tone and enthusiasm, even on long (cold!) days like yesterday. Thank you for putting us in touch with her and again being such a reliable source for great talent! Best wishes Steph

Ed-coms 2017

Here is a clip of Rhys in his featured role :-) ' the boy with the plane ' ️xx very proud he was in something with such a Stella cast!

Rhys, Close to the Enemy, 2017

Mia had a fab time today modelling for Liverpool Football Club!

Mia, Liverpool Football Club, 2017

Good morning Jodie, I just wanted to pass on our thanks to everyone involved for what has been a fantastic week for Amelia. Firstly, being involved with the Ratburger filming on Wednesday which she described as "the best experience of my life!". She said all the extras were lovely and they had lots of fun. She also said how friendly and kind the professional actors, chaperones and crew were. Thank you so much for providing her with this amazing opportunity. Secondly, she attended the 'new format' workshop on Saturday. She really enjoyed it and felt like she learnt a lot. She's already looking forward to the next one. So thank you Eurokids for making her week so exciting!

Amelia Lee, Ratburger 2017

We found all of the staff extremely helpful and welcoming and my daughter felt extremely at ease which you could see through the photographs taken. We were extremely happy!

Ruby McGinnis, 2017

Very warm welcome from all. Made Ella feel at ease. She really enjoyed her photo shoot. There are some beautiful photos. Really happy. Thank you :)

Ella Smith, 2017

Lisa is an amazing photographer and so professional. Everyone made us feel welcome and at ease and we loved every minute of it.

Bethany Faulkner, 2017

Fantastic from start to finish!

Leonard Whittle, 2017

Lovely girls and lovely shoot girls felt at ease and totally relaxed.

Thalia and Nyah Adhyaru, 2017

Always love it here 😊 its a brilliant experience i'm proud my daughter is a model with your agency! worth the 76 mile drive anytime.

Eleanor Wood, 2017

It’s been so nice working with you, makes such a difference to your working day when you get to chat to proper decent people and put the world to rights as we do. Thanks for all your help over the past couple of years, with the many many shoots we’ve done in that short time, always being patient even when we’re pushing it to the extreme every time! Thanks again and take care!

Roundpeg 2017

Just wanted to say a very big thank you for another fab photo shoot on Saturday. My girls & I as always enjoyed our day with you. The staff were so helpful and caring. Jade is an amazing photographer. I can't walk away without buying her photos. She captures my girls so well. Many thanks, Marie, Caitlin & Ciara. X

Marie, Caitlin & Ciara 2017

I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity with Lime Pictures. I have had a fantastic couple of days filming and met some fabulous people, it has been an absolute pleasure.

Rheo Parnell, Lime Pictures, 2016

All of the staff made us feel welcomed and my daughter automatically felt at ease. We knew what was happening at all times. Photographer was amazing and my daughter loved her. We really enjoyed our time in the studio. Amazing cup of coffee too!

Aurora-ivy Edwards, Studio Visit, September 2016

I can't praise the girls enough for their care and professionalism throughout the whole photography session.

Callum & Olivia Wain, Studio Visit, July 2016

Lisa was so helpful during the session. My daughter loved every moment and had a great time! Thanks for this opportunity and for having us. Keep up the wonderful job, you are all amazing guys!

Grace Tongba, Studio Visit, September 2016

Thank you for another great job today. Louie loved the dog and got to shoot with false snow! Made his day. Such a great team to work with. Karen and Louie xxx

Louie Ross, Aldi, 2016

Freya loved her first shoot experience, please pass on my thanks again to everyone at the shoot for making her feel so welcome there , she was very excited and enjoyed every minute.

Freya Gray, Hope Education, 2016

Just want to say big thank you for booking Lilly-ella on her first job today. She really enjoyed the experience, all the team were fantastic and made us very welcome. Hope there's many more to come. Many thanks Emma & Lilly-ella x

Lilly-ella Redcliffe, Hope Education, 2016

Thank you for a wonderful experience. Alice thoroughly enjoyed it and the photographer captured some beautiful pictures!

Alice Garland, Studio Visit, August 2016

Laura the co-ordinator was fantastic and she gave us great advice, was friendly and helpful throughout the shoot. Jade the photographer was amazing, helpful and friendly. She's an asset to the team, Marcelo loved her and all guidance. Very impressed. It was an amazing experience from the minute we walked in till we left the studio.

Marcelo De Pina, Studio Visit, August 2016

A really pleasant experience from the start in a great setting and excellent friendly staff. Lisa was brilliant and made us all feel at ease, full of enthusiasm and her experience working with young children clearly showed. Excellent experience and would highly recommend to others.

Hux-Li Harrison-Chan, Studio Visit, July 2016

Thank you for the guidance and professionalism throughout the shoot, you were all very nice and made me feel comfortable and happy.

Brooke Tranter, Studio Visit, July 2016

All the girls were really helpful and looked after us really well. Macy absolutely loved Lisa (photographer) and keeps asking when she can see her again! Such a lovely team at EuroKids, didn't really know what to expect but once I was there with my little girl, the girls were so welcoming, helpful and really went out of their way for us.

Macy Horton, Studio Visit, June 2016

Just a quick email to say thanks for all your hard work on MP6 (the kids in particular have been fab to have around!).

Mount Pleasant, July 2016

Ami showed amazing professionalism on this weekends shoot. Thanks so much for stepping in last minute. She is a joy to have around to studio, one of the most pleasant models we have working for us.

Shop Direct, July 2016

Fantastic photographer! Made my girl feel at ease the whole way through the shoot. Thank you to all the staff at EuroKids for such an amazing experience. We are so happy with all our photos!

Sophia Rose Heaps, Studio Visit, June 2016

Really enjoyed my day at the agency, the staff were lovely and made me feel relaxed. Love my photo's, they are great. Thank you.

Bethany Lockwood, Studio Visit, May 2016

I just want to say thank you so much for the opportunity. I am so unbelievably proud of him and EKA have made this possible.

Michael Lennon, Cosatto, 2016

Libby had a great time. Your staff are a credit to your organisation! Baby Victor impressed too!

Libby Wood, Studio Visit, April 2016

Staff were brilliant, we enjoyed the whole photoshoot. Koby really enjoyed the experience and asked when he could do it again as soon as it had finished!

Koby Connor, Studio Visit, April 2016

Can't fault any part of the experience, Sophie is looking forward to seeing her profile go live with EKA and she thoroughly enjoyed her experience with the EKA team. Thank you.

Sophie-mae Hurst, Studio Visit, April 2016

Couldn't ask for anymore! They are all a great team and I am so happy with my photo's and how they were taken.

Patrick Byrne, Studio Visit, March 2016

We really enjoyed the experience and having had a photoshoot before it felt far more personal and friendly than our previous experience!

Natasha Arbuckle, Studio Visit, February 2016

Thank you so much for all your help on Houdini & Doyle...we saw a little trailer recently & the show looks great. It will be transmitted on ITV Encore & Fox in Spring 2016. Hopefully we'll work together on the next one...

Houdini & Doyle, November 2015

Thanks again for all of your help with this, I wish we could deal with just your agency for all of our kids shoots you really make things so much easier for us!!!!!

Shop Direct, November 2015

Just want to email to say what a wonderful time Nancy and I had today filming, everyone was extremely welcoming and lovely with us both. Can't wait to see her on screen in the spring!!!

Nancy Rowland, BBC Drama, December 2015

Just want to say a massive THANK YOU to EKA for my week filming, I've had the most amazing time and it's been a week that I will never forget. Can't wait to see the film now and fingers crossed you'll catch a glimpse of me on the big screen!!!

Lucy Smethurst, Feature Film, 2015

Would like say what a fantastic time Larah has had it was an amazing experience and she has met some lovely girls also from EKA!

Larah Molloy, Feature Film, 2015

There were tears tonight with her, Mia and the chaperones now it's all over! She has had an absolutely amazing time, has gained some great acting experience and also made some fantastic friends. Thank you for everything you and the rest of the EKA team have done, it's been much appreciated!

Eleanor Ham, 4 O’clock Club, September 2015

Thank you so so much for everything that you have done to help me out over the last 12 weeks!! I really, really appreciate it.

The 4 O'Clock Club, September 2015

On behalf of Cherry Tiger I just want to say thank you to everyone for the amazing work to make the shoot happen and go so well. The client is very happy with how the shoot went and we can't wait to see the images. Thanks so much for such dedication and attention to detail!

Cherry Tiger, August 2015

I just wanted to let you know that both Evie & Katy were amazing on the shoot yesterday. That also includes working with their mums, who were lovely to work with, so thank you!

Go Outdoors, August 2015

Just a quick email to let you know how happy I was with Poppy! She did amazing and I am so pleased with how the photos have turned out. I will definitely want to use her again for future shoots.

The Princess And The Frock, August 2015

I would just like to thank everyone at EuroKids myself and Ethan had a fantastic time at Hollyoaks on Tuesday Ethan loved all the attention he got and couldn't stop smiling all morning! I was obviously concerned and very wary when making a decision on choosing a company for Ethan and I am more than sure I made the right decision! Excellent service, would highly recommend!

Ethan Lee Standish, Hollyoaks, June 2015

Hello, Just wanted to thank you for organising the booking on this, we had a great day at the filming today.The people were really nice.We can't wait to see the advert when it comes out!

Asher Lawrence-Maguire, TV Commercial, June 2015

Hi Jodie, Thank you very much for all of your hard work on the Golden Bear job. You've been amazing!

The Gate Films, July 2015

Thanks so much for your help, the little ones were great and I'm just delivering finished images to my client today.

Prodoto, May 2015

Fitting with Izzie went really well, thank you! Izzie was perfect and her mum was very helpful. Achieved everything I set out to do and costume is on its way to client in the USA!

Costume Creations, May 2015

Thanks for all your help with the artists on Saturday - everything went really well.

Sugar Free TV, April 2015

Just wanted to say that everyone did an ace job today and I think the models were great. The kids in particular did such a fab job and were so well behaved – little professionals!

Mersey Ferries, April 2015

The kids were great, thank you we really can't sing their praises enough!

Make It In Design, April 2015

All went great today! Thanks for sorting, both models were top!

Cosatto, March 2015

The filming went really well and Wade was great thanks! I really appreciate all your help with the casting and will definitely be touch for future projects too!

Sky Sports Commercial, February 2015

Had an amazing day would just like to thank you for all your help and hope I get some more work soon I loved every minute and was really well looked after!

Molli Cooke, TV Commercial, Feb 2015

Sally the team loved the babies today thanks so much for your help at such late notice.

John Lewis, 2015

I just wanted to say how thrilled we were to spot Darcey in last night’s episode (Sunday Jan 18th) of Foyle’s War - the close ups looked brilliant and she was so excited when she saw herself in the flashback scenes!! Thank you all so much for giving her this amazing opportunity!

Darcey Martindale, Foyles War, January 2015