It's a cliche perhaps but we're in a people business and are excited to employ some of the brightest talent in the industry. With over 100 years combined experience we have a real understanding of the client perspective and how we can deliver and surpass client expectations. We are also passionate on discovering and nurturing new talent so don't be shy, pop into the office anytime and say hello!

The Bookings & Casting Team

Our Bookings & Casting Team...

Neve is our Bookings Assistant and is our newest recruit, Neve works very closely with Sally and Rachel, and can often be seen with lots of paperwork ensuring all our models and artists have a licence.

Sally is Head of Bookings and ensures the agency is always busy making bookings on a daily basis.  Sally even researches in her sleep, determined to get our EuroKids and EKA's lots of assignments.

Rachel is our Booker & Casting Agent working hard to secure roles on productions such as The Worst Witch, The 4 O'Clock Club & Coronation Street!

Office Team

Our office Team

Roxanne our Senior New Faces Agent is always on the search for a New Face and is always excited to show you off to our bookings and casting team!

Danielle is our Bookings Assistant assisting the bookings department in accounts, admin and checking availability. 

Natalie is our Admin Assistant, she is always busy preparing your full profile, uploading your pictures and helping in the New Faces department.



Management Team

Debbie EuroKids & Adults Director is the creator of the agency opening its doors in 1996!!  Debbie is extremely proud of the agency and the all her staff.

Jill is our Manager and has worked for EuroKids and EKA since 2005.  Jill has worked in every department of the agency, so is available to help all staff in their daily tasks.


Our Studio Team...

Laura is our Studio Team Leader.  You will be sure to see Laura in the Studio ensuring all our customers are happy and relaxed.

Rae is our qualified photographer. Rae loves nothing more than taking photographs, and can often be found getting your friends and family on the pictures too!!

Tiff is our qualified photographer and bookings representative. Tiff has recently qualified as a photographer, and is often found trying to make you smile throughout your studio visit, as well as informing our bookings department how well you did in your shoot!

Office Junior - Reginald

Reginald is our newest recruit.  He’s usually found with a bone under Debbie’s desk although he is partial to computer wires, yes, not recommended for the computer or Reg!

Office Senior - Alfie

Alfie has just moved from Junior to Senior and is the most social, and hungry… member of our team and is usually found under the crisps and sweets!

Office Fun

Poodle fight…. We love a good distraction!