Booking FAQ's

January 2014

Here are some FAQ’s for all our amazing EKA models and artists….


Checking availability

Our bookings team will be in touch with you (normally via email) to check your availability.  Keep your emails handy and always reply as soon as possibly or by the deadline set. Our clients can work to very tight deadlines and want availability quickly.


Licensing and DBS

Children 0-16 years will legally need to complete licence applications, but don’t worry we will guide you through the full process.

Adults (16 +) will need a DBS in place, this is a stipulation that ITV & BBC clients now ask for.  Here is a link to apply for yours.


Booking onto a job

Please ensure you turn up to your booked shoot on time. An hours delay to a production can cost thousands in the long run. If you have been booked onto a production by Sally or Rachel, be sure to plan your route effectively, be aware of peak traffic times and try to add a buffer so that you get there early. 

Please make sure you can attend a job before agreeing to a job, reliable SA's get more work, especially on continuing dramas; Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Victoria where 2nd AD's like to repeatedly use artists for certain roles.

If you are ever delayed for reasons beyond your control always call the agency.


What if I need to cancel from the job?

Please treat it as any other job – as with any other profession, you wouldn’t expect to keep your job if you didn’t turn up without a good reason. Reputation is everything and we are not inclined to put artists forward if we don’t think we can rely on them.


I have been booked but don’t yet have the details.

We often get all the shoot details (call time, exact location) very late on the evening before the shoot, sometimes not before 5.30pm we endeavour to get them out sooner but it isn’t always possible.  We do not leave until you have confirmed you have the details so please always keep an eye on your emails.  


What to take to set.

Costume - It is not uncommon to be asked to provide your own clothes or costume, you will normally be directed on what to take. 

Warm Coat: As an SA you can be subjected to the elements for long periods of time. An umbrella is also advisable (just in case).



After the job is complete the agency will invoice the client, every client is given a payment term of 30 days and the agency will begin to chase the payment with the client after the 30 days.

We advise that payments will normally take an average of 60-90 days as the client will not always make payment within the given time frame. Once we have received the payment from the client the agency will process the payment and deduct the commission due(see Agency Agreement/contract for commission details). A cheque will then be posted to the address we have on the artists profile. 

All accounts enquiries are done via email and cannot be done over the phone.  This is an agency procedure, please remain professional and courteous when staff advise you of this procedure.  EKA will not tolerate Artists that fail to behave in this manner.


Why have I been asked for an up to date photo when you have my portfolio.

For babies; clients are very aware that they can grow and change very quickly, so the client may ask for a picture that has been taken today.  This is perfectly normal and it doesn't mean that there was anything wrong with your portfolio shots, they just want to see how much they have changed.    One of the main reasons a portfolio shoot is done is to show the baby is able to sit in front of a camera.

For adults this is normally asked for period drama’s and this is so they can see exactly what colour and length your hair is, as well as making sure you have had no enhancements even as little as having your nails done.


Spotting yourself

We love spotting our artists on TV, the big screen, catalogues, bilboards...if you spot yourself please email a picture to so we can share it.


Keeping your profile up to date

Don’t forget to keep measurements & contact details up to date.  Clients can book from measurements alone so we will always advise you to update measurements as often as possible.


BBC Bookings

Please click on the link


If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact the agency.



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