Covid-19 EKA Notice

January 2014

Notice to clients, customers & employees.

**Update 01/04/2020**

As per the government guidelines we have been instructed to temporarily close our doors.

We are still in touch with all of our amazing clients who cannot wait to get back up and running and start booking with EKA again. 

When the TV, Film and modelling industry has been given the Green light we anticipate a very busy time with clients wanting lots of new faces.

To get prepared for this our current Models & Artists and new faces can do a few things…..

 If you are currently in contract with EKA, make sure your profiles are all up to date.  To do this you will need to request a link from the website.  If you already have one outstanding you will not be able to request a new one.  Therefore make sure the following things are ready to be updated:



Contact details


Here is a link to help you get the most from your CV.  Click here.


New faces, please submit an application form ready for when we return.  Click here to check out our photoshoots and prices of a shoot.  Please also get the above information ready.


Please note, we are on the look out for real families that all live in the same house hold.  If you would like to join as a real family please state in the experience box "real family" when applying.



Has my EKA photo shoot been cancelled?

EKA will be following the guidelines that have been set by the government and featured on the NHS website.  This will mean any shoots booked up to Easter will be rearranged.

Should I still attend my EKA shoot if I have symptoms issued by the NHS regarding Covid-19?

No, the studio has now temporatily been closed.

Will I loose my studio deposit if I cancel my shoot due to Covid-19?

No, you will not loose your deposit, it will be transferred over to your next studio appointment.

Will you stop promoting me if my contract has expired and I have not been able to renew due to Covid-19?

No, we are extending this notice.  If your contract expires in March, you will still be promoted until the end of May.  We will continue to assess this process.

What actions are EKA & Clients putting in place regarding Covid-19?

Both EKA and EKA clients are following the guidelines put in place for all business's and will continue to actively monitor this.

We are asking everyone in contact with EKA to help Britain delay the spread please keep up to date and follow the guidelines put in place. Thank you. We wish anyone affected a speedy recovery and encourage everyone to #keeptalking.  Stay safe


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