January 2014

DBS Certificate (16 and over) 

Many of our clients that we work with are now suggesting for every Artist over the age of 16 to have a DBS certificate. This is proof that the artists they book have been checked for having no unspent convictions or sexual offences. Please note this is a client led initiative that is being applied across the industry to all Agencies, not just EKA! 

You do not need a certificate to be represented by EKA as not all clients require one however it is very beneficial to have one. Disclosure Scotland charge £23.00 for their service, this is payable directly by you, the applicant.  EKA does not profit in any way from the charge. 

For more information and to apply visit www.gov.uk 


For more information on how the BBC and other clients are changing their policies to include DBS checks please click here.

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