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January 2014

  1. Checking availability

Our bookings team will be in touch with you (normally via email) to check your availability.  Keep your emails handy and always reply as soon as possibly or by the deadline set.  Our clients can work to very tight deadlines and want availability quickly.


  1. Licensing and DBS

Children 0-16 years will legally need to complete licence applications, but don’t worry we will guide you through the full process.

Adults will need a DBS in place, this is a stipulation that ITV & BBC clients now ask for.


  1. Booking onto a job.

Please ensure you turn up to your booked shoot on time. An hours delay to a production can cost thousands in the long run. If you have been booked onto a production by Sally or Rachel, be sure to plan your route effectively, be aware of peak traffic times and try to add a buffer so that you get there early.


Please make sure you can attend a job before agreeing to a job, reliable SA's get more work, especially on continuing dramas; Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Victoria where 2nd AD's like to repeatedly use artists for certain roles.


If you are ever delayed for reasons beyond your control always call the agency.


  1. What to take to set.

Costume - It is not uncommon to be asked to provide your own clothes or costume, you will normally be directed on what to take.


Warm Coat: As an SA you can be subjected to the elements for long periods of time. An umbrella is also advisable (just in case).


  1. Payment

Payment can take from 30 days through to 90 days.  When very large productions are working with 100’s of SA’s they can pay at the end of production, others pay weekly, and some monthly.  All TV and Photographic clients are given a 30 day invoice and are chased by our Accounts department from 30 days.  To check a payment please email


  1. Spotting yourself

We love spotting our artists on TV, the big screen, catalogues, bilboards...if you spot yourself please email a picture to so we can share it.


  1. Keeping your profile up to date

Don’t forget to keep measurements & contact details up to date.  Clients can book from measurements alone so we will always advise you to update measurements as often as possible.


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