January 2014

Our Bookings department will send you licence documentation when joining the agency and assist you with the completion of the licence. (please email if you do not receive them)

In accordance with the The Children (Performances and Activities) (England) Regulation 2014, the licence is a legal document that must be completed by the parent and client to allow the child to work.

Please Complete the documentation sent to you in full using the guidelines. Do not leave any questions blank – Check out our exclusive YouTube Tutorial YouTube Licence Tutorial

Please take a copy of the child’s birth certificate

Take a quick head shot of the child (this is to go on the licence not for representation – similar to a passport)

Please ask the child’s school to complete the school permission. (Compulsory School Aged children only).

Please post and/or email the documents in. 

You can take pictures of the documents and send but please ensure the images are clear, this is a legal document so if it isn’t clear it maybe refused.

Please read through our Chaperones guidelines to find out more about yours or the chaperones responsibilities when on set.

Please also see image below in regards to a child's working hours.



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